середа, 13 серпня 2008 р.

Vienna. Day 3.

PS: Will add more text later :)

Vienna. Day 2.

Karls kirche.
Shadows of the angels and angel of the shadow.



Kunst museum.

Mozart denkmal.

Will add more text later :)

вівторок, 5 серпня 2008 р.

Vienna. Day 1.

I'm in Vienna! Am I really there? Here! Yeas! Exactly I am! :-)
Some quick snapshots from the first day are below...

St. Stephans Dom. View from the street. Really impressing, 137m tower just above your head, if you tilt it so high :-)

St.Stephans Dom, on the way upwards inside the tower.

St.Stephans Dom. View from one of the tower's windows.

PS: will update post later, now it's too late for it.

четвер, 31 липня 2008 р.

Winter vs Spring.
Back into Ukraine after trip, not much snow, but frost sometimes. And when the sun warms the ground we get "local" spring.

The first sunset of my trip to Israel.
It was October. In Ukraine people wear almost winter clothes, in Israel you can swim in the sea with great please, although israeli people say the water is "cold".

Something more colorful now...
I like mountains and mountaineering...
This one is from my last year's trip to Caucasus. It was dawning when we got to our route, the last one for that season.
I like this one very much.

Dreaming of circus.

A little Crocodile first hunt.
Orphan lamp.
Lonely light in the dark.
pillow-dog watching sunset
An old lady and her goats
They always fly over your head when you go to bed.
Here I am. Want to say "Hi there!" to everybody visiting this blog. This is my first blog, and hope I'll be updating it regularly, as I always have what to show to the others, and sometimes I have what to say.
Hope you'll enjoy looking at my creations and understanding my ideas.